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Your stay in Adler’s Hotel Flamingo

Частная гостиница «Фламинго»Sochi is one of the 5 Russian seaside resorts most popular with Russians as well as foreign guests.

This city’s natural beauty, parks and beaches, high-class restaurants and accommodations, and warm sea and sun attract a great number of tourists. A 2012 summer vacation in Adler is a dream that can come true for anyone who wishes to take away incredible memories of this summer for life. The Black Sea coast in general, and Adler in particular, has truly earned the right to be called a tourist paradise. The sanatoriums and private hotels of Adler can accommodate all the tourists and guest of our city. In Adler you can find hotels ranging from small and cozy to huge, as well as whole recreational complexes, and local prices are surprisingly low.

Many tourists and travelers already know that this is a great place to improve your health or just have a good rest and recuperate.

Hotel Flamingo welcomes you!

Частная гостиница «Фламинго»The resort is ideal for those who wish to not only relax on Black Sea beaches, but also to enjoy incredibly exciting tours of numerous natural sights. Sochi is undoubtedly a city to fall in love with — no wonder the influx of people eager to spend their vacation here is noticeably increasing from year to year.

Taking a trip to wondrous mountain regions or enjoying outdoor activities on the sea shore will leave you with a lot of unforgettable impressions, colorful photos, and an endless sea of joy and excitement. The state-of-the-art Hotel Flamingo will help you to relax after a full day of outdoor activities and get ready to take new excursions and explore new lands – or crowded dance floors. Known for its coziness and comfort, the hotel offers its luxury rooms, equipped and fitted with everything needed for a carefree vacation, to guests from any corner of Russia or the world.

Частная гостиница «Фламинго»Hotel Flamingo’s location in the heart of the resort makes transfers to the airport, train, and bus stations as quick and easy as it gets. We offer our guests a rich palette of activities: from sightseeing and walks in the parks and gardens of the city to an unforgettable time on the shore of the gentle Black Sea. It’s worth noting that Hotel Flamingo has its own direct access to the shore, and its clean and comfortable beach is a mere 15 meters (49 feet) away.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the high-class service of Hotel Flamingo and its restaurant. The restaurant’s incredibly rich menu, featuring dishes of Caucasus, European and Russian cuisine, will add to the overall great experience of your stay. Its relaxed and friendly atmosphere will make your vacation positive and harmonious.

The sea is far more than just the beach; you can find many more fun things to do here!

Частная гостиница «Фламинго»Your exciting stay will be spiced up even more by evening entertainment: fun and fiery entertainment shows won’t let you get bored on a warm night by the seaside. Each and every hotel in the city strives to give their guests the most comfort and fun they can offer, trying to make sure they will come back — hence the plethora of entertainment in the city. Concert programs with the brightest Russian stars will complement your already vibrant and memorable stay in one of Russia’s most beautiful cities. Adler’s hotels and sanatoriums are ready to provide you with a great vacation experience in 2012.

The resort’s beneficial climate and its medicinal muds and mineral waters can improve health for both adults and children. The multitude of available tours will give your vacation experience even more variety. When the fall comes, the resort is still bustling: the sea is still warm, and the wind and sunbeams still caress your skin like in summer. Our season of good times, with all its swimming and tanning, lasts until the end of October.